Fashion DIY: making silk scarves

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By Kate | Women
Posted Oct 20, 2012

Silk scarves transcend generation, season and trend. Truly one of the most sustainable pieces in a wardrobe, we tapped Brooklyn designer Carrie Parry to give us a Fashion DIY:  how to sew your own silk scarf -

  1. Find a great silk fabric – we personally prefer light georgettes or crepes – and don’t be afraid to choose a bold, colorful print. Square scarves offer a few more styling options than do rectangular ones, so we suggest purchasing a 36”, 45”, or 60” square.
  2.  Steam the silk. If you only have an iron, use the lowest setting possible, and place a towel over the fabric for extra protection.
  3. The mark of a high-quality scarf is a hand-rolled hem. This can be tricky, but we think it’s worth the extra effort. First, sew a quarter inch in from the raw edge all around the scarf. Now you’ll want trim as close to the stitch as you can; a centimeter is a good amount. If you place some kind of a paperweight on the soon-to-be scarf, so that you can pull your fabric taught, this will help during trimming and hand-sewing.
  4. Backstitch the edge. Then, keeping the fabric taut, hold that edge between your thumb and forefinger. Roll toward you. You’ll want to roll so that the earlier stitching is hidden inside the roll. Now, slipstitch the hem.
  5. Voila! Your silk scarf is finished and ready for wear.

Once you’ve created your own beautiful, one-of-a-kind scarf, you’ll want to style it right. Below, we’ve provided some of our favorite ways to tie a silk scarf, courtesy of Hermes knotting cards.

For more Fashion DIY advice, visit Parry’s blog: Blog – Play.

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