ffiXXed – trans-functionality for every-day basics

By Kate | Men
Posted Oct 31, 2011

ffiXXed is a collaborative art and design project initiated by Australian artists/designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in  Berlin, 2008. They have worked together between studio spaces in Berlin, Hong Kong, New York and are currently based in Shenzhen, China where they have recently established an in-house production studio.  Exploring a geographically diverse and multidisciplinary approach to design, they often use fashion to frame a wider discussion about contemporary consumer culture, investigating the role clothing and objects play in our constructing our daily lives.

ffiXXed primary focus is the production of a bi-seasonal prêt a porter fashion label. Their collections engage traditional garment requirements of comfort and minimal, clean lines as a starting point, creating new and unexpected forms of trans-functionality for every-day basics. They utilise natural fibres and personalised manufacturing processes to address, transcend and stimulate a variety of social and domestic situations. The title of the SS12 collection ‘customised interdependencies’ refers to the creative and social dynamics that function at the centre of ffixxed project. This complex relationship between autonomy and mutual responsibility helps to promote the generation of multiple new forms of personal and communal space, spaces that respond to our own (collective) experiences.

With a particular focus on shirts, blazers and other formal and everyday elements, they have elaborated a series of new structural combinations, textures and surfaces that propose enhanced everyday applications for these familiar forms. Several pieces within this collection use a combination of two or more garments that support each other while retaining their own style and function. Buy pieces from past collection, like this Less World Silk T-shirt Scarf Dresswas $530.00, now $265.00 USD at PourPorter.com

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