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image: Pallas_silence by Visit Finland, via Flickr

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Posted Apr 7, 2013

Finland  boasts the most saunas, the craziest summer activities and the world’s cleanest tap water. It’s also a hotbed of stunning design and eclectic fashion. Geography might have something to do with it; the most sparsely populated country in the European Union and located between the 60th and 70th parallels, the land of endless winter darkness and then midnight-sun; the fashion and design reaction to this is extreme.

Take Marimekko, one of Finland’s first successful exports, when Mika Ihamuotila joined on as Marimekko’s C.E.O. he asked the designers:

“How is it possible that the worlds absolutely most colourful design and fashion brands comes from Finland, probably the darkest and coldest place on earth?”

To which the designers respond:

“That’s the very reason. When it’s dark and cold, you don’t want to take the grey and black colours. You want to take bright colours. You want happiness and energy which you don’t get outside when it’s so cold and dark”

This week we will feature all kinds of designers who do exactly that – offer energy and happiness through their designs , we ask them how the typography and weather of Finland, and being Finnish shapes their design and let you discover the happiness and energy.

Focus Finland featured designers:

  • Poola Kataryna, founded in 2010 by Helsinki based designer Paula Kasurinen
  • FINSK, the London-based shoe label from Finnish-born Julia Lundsten
  • Ivana Helsinki, independent art, fashion & cinema brand from Paola Suhonen
  • Minna Hepburn, her new bridal line of affordable, bohemian, vintage-inspired dresses
  • Nurmi, organic denim and menswear all made in Finland
  • And design collaborative Paloni and their 37+ up-and-coming Finnish designers

To see all of the designers in one location, follow our Focus Finland pinterest board

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