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By Melissa | Men
Posted Apr 12, 2013

“The Nurmi designs are distinguishably Scandinavian: this is not a conscious decision but definitely the surroundings have had an influence in this. Finland is full of contrasts. Freezing cold, snowy winter and hot summer days. Dark winter and nightless summer nights. Quiet countryside and lively cities. Finland is still a bit like a little brother between Sweden and Russia, but being so small and kind of an underdog has given us a lot of strength and persistence!” -Anniina Nurmi

After graduating in 2008 from The Lahti Institute of Design, “one of the best design schools in Finland”, Anniina Nurmi started Nurmi Design Oy, a company that specializes in sustainable clothing and offers lectures, design, and consultancy services. It also houses the clothing label, Nurmi which makes high quality, long lasting, mens and womens wear that is sustainably produced.

Since there aren’t nearly as many stylish sustainable options for men, as there are for women, Nurmi felt doing menswear was a good fit with their design aesthetic of being “timeless, minimal, nordic”. The collection is still small but growing and offers “classics but always with a little twist”. Designing for men can be a bit more of a challenge, restricting in some ways but Anniina is always looking for ways to make things interesting. In staying true to the brand, both the mens and womenswear collections are “well-designed, long-lasting garments which are quite graphic and minimalistic”.

The Nurmi Jeans come in but 2 styles, one for men the other for women. Strong, durable and built to last, these jeans are not just ethically produced- cut, sewn and finished- in Keitele, Finland, the environmental aspect is highly factored as well. Made from an organic cotton and hemp blend, the fit is slim, detailing minimal, quality impeccable- all for only 169,00€.

Check out more at their webstore, they ship worldwide.



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