For the Love of Sheep: A Kickstarter Project by Izzy Lane

By Staff | Crowdfunding Love
Posted Jul 11, 2016

British-based designer, cum-activist Izzy Davies has two imperatives: to help save the British textile industry and to give animals a voice in the fashion industry. Through her brand Izzy Lane, she has done both. Finding herself providing a refuge for a slaughter-free flock of rescued sheep, she developed a range of wool fashion that has also become a powerful platform to raise awareness and campaign for animal rights. Davies has gone on to win multiple RSPCA Good Business Awards, New Designer of the Year at the RE Awards, and to be a finalist in the Observer Ethical Awards, the Daily Mirror Animal Heroes Awards and the Global Sustainable Luxury Awards. Izzy Lane has received extensive national and international press and the collections have been exhibited at London Fashion Week and in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and Las Vegas and in a catwalk for the Queen, (plus, its mentioned in the Magnifeco book!)

But now she wants your help. She is in the final hours of a kickstarter campaign with the idea of kick-starting (her pun, not ours) a broadening of the brand direction with designer Socks, Throws and a line of Knitting Yarns.

Davies is sitting on a large stockpile of unprocessed wool accumulated in the last few years. With your help she can move it all into processing and manufacture, and into sustaining the sheep. And of course, this will also enable her to get back to fighting their corner in the fashion world and the world in general.

She proposes to raise  £18,500 though three new product offerings: Izzy Lane Socks, Izzy Lane Wool Knitting Yarn and Izzy Lane Throws all to be made from truly cruelty-free wool.


These beautiful socks will be made by a small manufacturer in Nottingham.


Their beautiful wool will be worsted spun in West Yorkshire into yarn and made into 50g, 4-ply balls – the first ever truly cruelty-free wool available to hand-knitters. The Shetland wool will be available in their natural colours of moorit, katmoget and smirgit. Along the way I have also rescued a mix of other breed types, each sheep with its own story of lucky escape. Their wool will be dyed into the brighter colours.

If you choose a Knitting Yarn Reward, they will also give you fabric ‘IZZY LANE FLOCK Cruelty-Free Wool’ labels to enable you to sew into your handiwork the origin of your wool.


These will be made on traditional looms in the Scottish Borders. Davies will use the Shetland yarn to make beautiful, soft, worsted spun throws in both their natural colours and dyed brighter colours. They will each measure 60″ x 67″ (154cms x 170cms). Perfect to throw on your bed or your sofa or for use as a travel blanket or picnic rug.

All products will be Made in Britain. The wool used is from Davies’ beautiful sheep which will live out their lives in peace in the Yorkshire Dales. From their rescue and nurture through to the end product, Davies ensures the integrity and authenticity of the yarn and each piece. Your support will secure the future of the sheep and ensure their voice is heard – that sheep can exist without being eaten. Animal welfare is at the core of Izzy Lane, the animals will always come first. They continue to use their brand to campaign for all animals across the world which are abused, tortured and killed in the name of fashion.

Only hours left – pledge here and share will all you know who lu-uh-uh-uhve sheep!

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