Forget Me Not – vintage accessory boutique in Paris 2e

By Kamila | Women
Posted Feb 27, 2013

After enjoying the ancient treasures of the Louvre, a short walk through the 2e arrondissement will lead you to another treasure trove to savour: vintage boutique Forget Me Not.

The Paris vintage boutique Forget Me Not is the ‘baby’ of Hafi Barron. Barron closed up her career in marketing and PR to open her own boutique a little over a year ago. The specialized concept shop is fresh and full of passion for vintage bags. Barron selects all the pieces herself traveling to vintage fairs mostly in United Kingdom. The bags in the shop are in perfect condition thanks to both thorough selection and the attention Hafi pays to them; getting some bags repaired with help of Parisian craftsmen who also care for the leather or textile of the bag. The result? Pure happiness.

Shopping with Barron’s personal assistance is like discovering a new world. She shows off her favorite pieces in perfect English, and shares all details you could be interested in about the items; decade of production, materials, usage and tricks the bag offers.

Her personal favorite, on the day I visited, was a dark brown small handbag in crocodile skin with chain handle but mine was, without a doubt, a 3-in-1 reversible clutch in colorful “carpet” fabric, as Hafi called the material herself. Thanks to a clever clips you can turn the “carpet” cover over and get a shiny black back or you can remove the carpet / black cover and have a mat black bag optically smaller compared to the size with the carpet / black cover on. How clever!

And the prices for these stunning, vintage, multi-functional bags with a story and history are very reasonable. You can find leather handbags at less than 100 Euros. But not just handbags, shoppers will delight in other vintage accessories: clips for cardigans, folding hangers for traveling, pearl collars, belts and scarves, each to make a great souvenir of Paris. If you consider yourself a trend setter, add Forget Me Not to your Parisian list of places to visit: 90 RUE DE RICHELIEU, Paris, France

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