Fresh sculptural jewellery from crea-tiff bijoux

Ephemeral Collection, image : © José Medina Molina Stitched by hand, ruffle necklaces in 3 colours : cream, dark violet or brown. Willow necklace, image: Vincent Bidoyet Tassel necklace

By Kate | Women
Posted Dec 19, 2012

Every piece from crea-tiff bijoux is made by hand in Geneva. Founded by a scientist who loves creativity: whose research was published in Nature but who secretly wished it was featured in Vogue, Tiffany Rowe has a passion for art, fashion and biology alike.

British-born/Swiss-raised, Rowe lives in Geneva where she collaborates with photographers, models and make-up artists who all share a common interest or establish ties with her two much adored countries: Switzerland and Great Britain. Eager to promote Swiss talent, her jewellery has been worn by Swiss film producers during the Cannes Film Festival, Miss Switzerland candidates, television personalities and models alike.

Rowe is also known for creating ephemeral jewellery “assemblages” that cannot be sold and that only exist during the short time needed to capture them photographically. Bin liners, laboratory apparatus and even organic matter (fruit, flowers, eggs, intestines, mushrooms) have been playfully transformed into works of wearable art.

Far from a commercial venture, crea-tiff celebrates uniqueness, audacity and originality. As part of the crea-tiff philosophy, Rowe sources locally whenever possible. Small quantities of material are also hand picked and brought back from various holiday destinations. Packaging and paper are all sourced from Europe. Nothing is ever bought in large amounts: to ensure that several micro collections are made every year and that each piece of jewellery is as unique as the person who wears it.

Bespoke orders are welcome, and although Rowe loves to give a second lease on life to various objects and she likes nothing better than to use material that is not normally seen in jewellery, she firmly believes that animal fur looks better on animals. Crea-tiff promises never to use fur in any form.

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