Get your Red on -Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Kate | Women
Posted Feb 14, 2011

Today, in so many countries, it’s a day related to red, hearts and love. Here are some red pieces that speak to our heart:

SA VA is an ethical clothing and accessories brand based in Philadelphia. Ninety percent of the garments sold at SA VA are made in the adjacent garment center always with fair-trade and often eco friendly materials. Through local living wage job creation and community partnerships with both the Career Wardrobe and the People’s Emergency Center SA VA are striving to create a new kind of fashion community. This reverse wrap Alex dress is double layered in the front, and the top layer ties in the back. $263 USD. Use Valentine’s Day code VDS25 and get $25 off!

Lina Rennell designs native modern, art driven textiles and objects and incorporates green fabrics and practices in all her work. Rennell‘s wares are ethically made in Northern California and sold exclusively through her beautiful, ethically-curated boutique Beklina. This Briefcase Tank, is 100% red linen, with black Briefcase print. Limited edition. $190 USD.

From fairtrade pioneer PeopleTree, get this brush print Nancy Drape dress with layered ruffles around neckline and short sleeves. Made in India of 100% organic Fairtrade certified cotton. £45.00

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