Global Fashion Leaders and their Sustainable Pledges for 2017

From L-R: Mara Hoffman (New York), Simone Cipriano (Milan), Eva Kruse (Copenhagen), Andrew Morgan (LA), Elin Larsson (Stockholm), Max Gilgenmann (Berlin), Adria Vasil (Toronto), Patrick Duffy (London/New York), Isabelle Quéhé (Paris), Kate Black (New York).

By Staff | Women
Posted Jan 1, 2017

International consultant and event director, Max Gilgenmann’s focus is on communication and cooperation formats for a more sustainable development and dialogue in textile supply chains. He serves as director for Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin: twice a year, the international trade fair duo forms the central platform for sustainable fashion during Berlin Fashion Week.

  • Max’s pledge: I will go public with my voice and personas to show how easy accessible sustainability can be. We live in an age of sheer endless information and complexity which paralyses relevant community groups. So in order to make sustainability great again we should offer accessible concepts and initiatives.

Bestselling author and leading environmental columnist Adria Vasil has been educating readers through her weekly green advice column since 2004. Her Ecoholic book series helps people decipher legitimately green products and choices from marketing greenwash.

  • Adria’s pledge: cut out packaging by making more food from scratch. I’ve started sprouting again and want to get back to making my own nut milk. Kombucha and pickled vegetables are also on my list.

Patrick Duffy, cofounded the Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) in 2013, where it took place for the first time during Copenhagen Fashion Week; 1500 people swapped 5.2 tons of clothes, and, in the process, a great concept was born. GFX has grown into an international platform promoting sustainability in the fashion industry through inspiring forums, educational content and cultural events. Through interactive clothing swaps, GFX empowers consumers to take action for a better environment while they stylishly renew their wardrobe. By partnering with I:CO, the worlds largest textile recycle company, GFX has saved over 18 tons of textile waste from hitting landfills, activating positive change around the world.

  • Patrick pledge: Quit bottled water – Americans use 3 million plastic bottle per hour, and I won’t be part of the problem any longer.

Since 2004, former French model Isabelle Quéhé has been working to showcase the talents of ethical fashion designers and labels worldwide. She founded the Ethical Fashion Show in 2004 and is now President of the Universal Love Association.

  • Isabelle’s pledge: To stop buying ‘new’ clothes – the industry is producing 150 billion garments per year. Enough is enough.

Our editor (, author and host of Magnifeco Radio, Kate Black has been championing ethical fashion and sustainable living since 2008. Now in the  midst of launching EcoSessions, the monthly global event series, she is connecting industry, designers and citizens for change in London, New York, Berlin, Toronto, LA and Montreal.

  • Kate’s pledge: I will refuse single use food/takeout items: coffee cups, plastic lids, straws, plastic cutlery, etc. I will bring my own, or go without.

What little step will you do to make your life more sustainable? Tag #my2017pledge  to join the movement! And come back as we examine in more detail the global implication of these pledges (fashion is causing deforestation, what?)


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