Göttin des Glücks™ – Austria’s fair fashion label

By Kate | Women
Posted Jul 11, 2012

Göttin des Glücks(GDG) -goddess of luck, is a Vienna-based international fashion collective of four young designers from Sofia, Zagreb, Baden and Vienna from a variety of artistic backgrounds who feel they are “the earthly assistants fulfilling the goddess’ wishes.” Her call inspires them to create new products with social responsibility and environmental consciousness – brilliantly packaged in ‘Goddess’ feel-good fashion.

GDG is Austria’s first ecologically fair fashion label (read our first feature of them from early 2010), using exclusively certified Fair Trade  and GOTS certified and conforming to the Fair Trade criteria throughout the WHOLE production process. Buy from Nelou.com – 500 independent designers from 30 countries in 1 website (ships everywhere).

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