Gypsy05 – the eco-knit booties

By Kate | Men
Posted Oct 26, 2010

Move over Uggs, your rival is here. Love or hate Uggs – they are a fashion staple for teens and young fashionistas everywhere. From their origins in Australia, they have infiltrated cities across the globe, from Amsterdam to Zürich, from Tokyo to L.A. But this season they might have met their match. Meet the Gypsyz, a new line of ‘shoes’  inspired by South American hand-made knit booties, from Hollywood-based fashion company Gypsy05.

The sock is 100% Organic Cotton and the sole is 100% Biodegradable Rubber. Magnifeco! The Gypsyz come patterned or plain, high or low-cut and start at $109 USD. Gypsy05 tries to focus on elements which revitalize nature through fashion, “good planets are hard to find” is their motto. Gypsy‘s one of a kind designs incorporate organic fabrics, low impact dyes, and water based printing in every collection as part of their mission in environmental awareness. Ships everywhere.

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