Hand-made Thursdays

By Kate | Women
Posted Feb 4, 2010

She’s been covered everywhere over the last two weeks but her styling is so magnifeco we have to share her here as well. Melissa Ferreira is the Vancouver designer behind Adhesif Clothing Co. Working as a vintage clothing buyer for many years inspired Melissa to create garments with older fabrics because of the amazing quality and special characteristics of a lot of those materials. This Tawleed Bubble dress,  made of reclaimed vintage tweed and tartan suiting, is completely hand cut and handmade from every nip and tuck of the pleating to the tailoring of the princess bodice. And the dress is completely lined from top to bottom so you won’t feel the tweed. Regular $310, now $248 (20% off!) Buy from her Etsy-shop, which ships everywhere.

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