Hand-made Thursdays: a.s.i.s.

By Kate | Women
Posted Jul 5, 2012

Everything that goes into an a.s.i.s. product is handmade in the United States and eco-friendly. From the luxuriant yarn spun and dyed on a family-run farm in Nebraska to oak buttons meticulously carved by a North Carolina craftsman. Natural talent, natural ingredients — according to Angela, stuff just isn’t irresistible without these. And that’s what a.s.i.s. means: Angela Spencer’s irresitable stuff.

Born and raised in rural England, Angela has always found inspiration for her creations in the quaint and history-rich home of her youth. These stunning tops are made from reclaimed silk with vintage doily silk screen printed with eco-inks. One-of-a-kind, made in Brooklyn. Buy from Kaight, $78.00 USD.

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