Hand-made Thursdays: ALANGOO

Hand-made ring by Maryam Ghanbari: $23 USD Hand tailored mini skirt by Hanieh: $40 USD Silk screened t-shirt with symbols from Persepolis III by Espanta: $50 USD

By Kate | Women
Posted May 3, 2012

There’s a new hand-made, indie fashion site on the scene; one that highlights Persian designers! ALANGOO (still in Beta) features independently unique hand-made fashion placing emphasis on presenting the work of underground Iranian and Middle Eastern artists who have limited to no exposure to Western audiences.

ALANGOO’s mission is to introduce the Persian designers, as well as share their products. As part of the growing conscious consumer movement towards “knowing the maker”, ALANGOO encourages designers to share their story and what they have to say about their inspirations and the story behind their pieces; bridging the gap between buyer and designer.

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