Hand-made Thursdays – Aurea

By Kate | Women
Posted Nov 4, 2010

Aurea is a fair trade business that offers jewelry and accessories made of golden grass (Syngonanthus nitens) by the artisans of Jalapão, a remote rural region in central Brazil. Aurea’s collection reflects a refined combination of elegant, timeless and one-of-a-kind designs. It includes versatile jewelry that can be worn with different looks, from casual to stylish, day or night. Like this Cascade Necklace -a modern, tie-drop necklace with eight diamond shaped pendants that form a stunning cascade effect.  The necklace is made out of black cotton jersey and the pendants are hand woven from golden grass and sewn with black synthetic thread. $75.00 USD. Shown with the Black and Gold bracelet – a bangle made of golden grass and handwoven with synthetic black thread. $25.00 USD each.

All of these products are carefully hand-made from golden grass and the collection consists of pieces that bring out the uniqueness of this natural material. Golden grass is a pure vegetable material from a renewable source that grows naturally in the wild. No pesticides, chemicals or other toxic products are applied to the raw material during the crafting of their products. Although founders Suyanna L. Barker and Cristiane Kimura both at one time lived in the same neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they met each other through common friends in Washington, DC. After they left Brazil, they realized how much the global market was evolving to embrace meaningful products and processes that were more conscious of their impact on the earth and people. MAGNIFECO!

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