Hand-made Thursdays – Halter Hotties

By Kate | Women
Posted Jun 17, 2010

Just in time for the hot summer weather meet mother-daughter team Kim and Paris and their company Halter Hotties. Spending their weekends scouring antique shops & estate sales for designer labeled, 100% silk vintage scarves, buttons & buckles which they then dry clean by hand & transform into these magnifecohalter tops! Halter Hotties are designed to gently drape the body, and all sheer and light colored halters have been lined, ensuring you will be sexy without being risqué. Each halter top is a one-of-a-kind treasure with a personality and story to tell~ Right: this Burgundy and Gold Paisley silk scarf w/ “Damon, Made in Italy” fabric tag and hand rolled edges, is a drape front panel halter with Crimson Silk Charmeuse backtie. $179.00 USD. Left: this Gold, Navy, Burgundy Paisley Vintage Silk scarf is “Oscar de la Renta” designer printed label with fringe edge features “V” front and backtie. $189.00 USD.

This Scarf: Circa 1950, Silk Chiffon w/Hand Rolled Edges (no designer name… just a beautiful early 50’s design on silk chiffon). Handkerchief-style halter with a button – circa 1940, brown bakelite and silk crepe lining. $189.00 USD. Ships everywhere.

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