Hand-made Thursdays – Helveticus

By Kate | Men
Posted Nov 10, 2011

In the possible event of war, the Swiss army stockpiled blankets in bunkers and depots throughout the Swiss Alps. However, Switzerland was never involved in any armed conflict – so when the army began replacing the blankets with modern sleeping bags in the 60’s, there wasn’t any purpose for the unused blankets. This sparked an idea in the Karlen family’s minds. Traditionally cobblers, they saw the potential to recycle these vintage, unused wool blankets into products that would be both functional and beautiful. Helveticus, created in Switzerland, is a line of bags and accessories, all handmade in the Karlen family workshop in Törbel. This Travel Bag is extremely robust with padding, reinforced bottom, solid zippers and leather straps. $350 AUD.

Love this Ladies Bowling Bag with leather straps made from new and recycled leather (of Swiss origin)! Currently sold-out, pre-order now for restocking mid-November.  $250 AUD. Ships to Australia and New Zealand.

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