Hand-made Thursdays – MIA by Mia Nisbet

By Kate | Women
Posted Nov 17, 2011

MIA by Mia Nisbet is an up-cycled clothing label with a social and environmental conscience. MIA combines recycled materials with traditional Malawian textiles to produce a collection that merges the richness of African textiles with western styling.

MIA by Mia Nisbet fuses recycled fabrics and traditional Malawian textiles to produce a collection that combines the richness of African textiles with western styling. The street markets of Malawi sell large volumes of second hand clothing imported from the US, Europe and elsewhere. This cheap second hand clothing has made it very challenging for locally produced clothing to compete in the local market. MIA works with tailors in Malawi to create ranges which turn this challenge into an opportunity. These one-of-a-kind dresses start at £70.00. Ships everywhere.

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