Hand-made Thursdays – Moroccan Bling

By Kate | Women
Posted Jul 14, 2011

Jess Stephens is a multi-talented visual artist residing in the Fez region of Morocco. We knew each other in Barcelona nearly a decade ago, but then lost touch as our paths moved in different directions (landing her in Morocco and me in Japan). Having always had the inclination of being a gypsy and admiring and adorning wearable artworks, Stephens now creates jewellery inspired by her surroundings. Aptly named Moroccan Bling, the magnifeco enterprise is run by Stephens with production by local co-ops, individuals or by Stephens herself. Morocco Bling aims at a sustainable living and fair trade for all. This Amazight Bangle is inspired by the rich and resourceful cultures of the nomadic Tamazight people of southern Morocco. Bound in knotted black wool with black woolen jalaba button drops (learn more about these unique buttons here).  $100 USD.

This modified metal pendant, inlaid with felt, hangs from a textile choker and is a wonderful combination of inventiveness and re-use of some traditional items of Moroccan garb. $75.00 USD. Ships everywhere, but you need to be patient with the speed of Moroccan postal service, a country of great talent for agreeable dawdling.

Also visit her her blog – to follow her adventures, learn more about Morocco and trace the origin of inspiration for the next piece of bling.

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