Hand-made Thursdays: ORG by vio®

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 22, 2012

Designer Violeta Villacorta‘s personal mission is love of people, planet & culture. As a fashion designer, Villacorta’s custom, hand-made clothing has been featured in national and international magazines (read her featured work here). Forever multi-tasking, Villacorta has also been employed by other companies, including working as senior designer at Patagonia for six years. Then, in 2010, Villacorta began working with indigenous Amazon artisans on creative design collaborations to promote their culture, arts and crafts, and started ORG by vio®.

By incorporating indigenous, Amazon millenary artistry into contemporary designs, as a means to generate a sustainable economy for the stewards of the most biodiverse ecosystem, ORG by vio® works in partnership with indigenous Amazon artisans to promote their culture and develop collections of handmade jewelry and accessories using seed, fiber and natural rubber goods as a source for a sustainable economy. ORG stands for Organic Rainforest Goods.

Both the Etsa Collar necklace with tuju accent seeds and the Awajún Woven Necklace are designed by Villacorta in collaboration with Awajún artisans, who have a strong spiritual connection with mother nature; they live in remote areas of the rainforest and are eager to share their artistry with the world. A purchase from ORG by vio® supports indigenous Amazon artisans and communities and efforts aimed at cultivating their artistry, all the while generating a sustainable economy, so the artisans remain in their land as protectors of the rainforest: the lungs of our planet and global climate regulator. Magnifeco.

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