Hand-made Thursdays – Otra Design

By Kate | Women
Posted Jan 13, 2012

Otra (On The Road Again)was created in Montreal in February 2011 by Julie Ferrero and Guillaume Darnajou. After graduating from the Grande Tourrache design school in Toulon, France in 2007, they both decided to go overseas to pursue further studies. In 2010, they received degrees in industrial design from the Faculté of Aménagement at the University of Montreal.

The Otra workshop came to life through a common deep rooted passion to work towards sustainable development. In our over-consuming society, already struggling to solve the problems of tomorrow, design offers a new path towards more environmentally friendly products. Otra’s products follow the “upcycling” movement which aims to re-evaluate the worth of waste by giving it second life. This production process maintains inherently close ties with the eco-friendly philosophy.

All of their products are entirely hand-made using raw materials and never come into contact with any paint, solvents or glue. Aren’t they stunning? The lights start at $89 CAD and the jewelry range includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces, like the one shown. $68 CAD. Ships everywhere.

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