Hand-made Thursdays: RE*logyyy

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 1, 2012

Greek designer Giota Kaiopoulou studied fashion design in Greece at ATEI Department of Clothing Design & Technology and was awarded by CLOTEFI Clothing Textile & Fibre Technology Development Company for her designs. Kaiopoulou then worked for ateliers and other companies in mass production design for several years,  but never felt like she fit in. Her ideas were more innovative and much more ethical.

The waste of the fashion industry concerned her deeply. “We had tons of fabrics and accessories that were in good condition but were out of fashion or the customers ‘didn’t like’ them. The work and effort of those wasted  products still hurts me,” Kaiopoulou explains. “Now with my new label RE*logyyy and the passion of designing unique, innovative clothing, we have the opportunity to help the industry and feel eco-conscious, ethical and arty.”

RE*logyyy reuses stock fabrics, leftovers, cutouts, and vintage and makes new, one-of-a-kind products in one-size and plus-size outfits. RE*logyyy clothes are hand-made. Kaiopoulou now has her own atelier were she accepts custom orders but she also has an Etsy-shop were she  displays the RE*logyyy one-of-a-kind collection. Ships everywhere.

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