Hand-made Thursdays: Savorii

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 29, 2012

I attended my local Green Drinks this week to check out the green scene in Boston. Usually at ‘green’ events I am the lone fashionista in a sea of engineers, scientists and designers (not fashion), but this event was different. The first person I met was sporting this gorgeous Boston Boat Bag-  made locally from upcycled sail canvas. Creative Director Andrea Fox was pleased to explain how Savorii is an extraordinary social enterprise; everything is made locally at an historical workshop which trains and empowers the poor and the homeless. Bringing manufacturing and jobs back to Lynn, Massachusetts, these Boston Boat Bags are made from remnant canvas and lined with a mix of upcycled fabrics, making each bag truly one-of-a-kind. $29.00 USD.

This Harvard Handbag is the perfect size for work or play. Also made from remnant boat canvases, it’s sleek, stylish, lightweight, and waterproof. $98.00 USD.

This Boston Symphony Satchel designed by a music director to carry sheet music, is made from repurposed burlap coffee bean sacks, with a sturdy black lining and black leather strap. At 9″x11″, it would also suit iPads, netbooks or small laptops. $89.00 USD.

Savorii‘s founding philosophy is that making connections between diverse people, ideas, resources, and upcycled materials has vast potential to yield products uniquely relevant to today’s mindful consumer. Their mission is to offer innovative, stylish, and sustainable products; from handcrafted leather totes, to upcycled burlap and canvas bags, to one of a kind artwork and jewelry. All handmade by artists from all walks of life; some local, some international, some currently battling homelessness. This diversity creates a group of people who collectively savor the art of life. Magnifeco!

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