Hand-made Thursdays – The Andean Collection

By Kate | Women
Posted Aug 4, 2011

Much is said of the beauty from within, but beauty is also external. It is. It’s why we spend so much money on clothing and beauty products – to enhance the external. But part of the slow fashion movement is wrapped up in the stories behind the glimmer and glamour we use to enhance the external. The source of what we wear is becoming more and more important. I think that’s why we’ve been featuring so much on jewellery lately: if we are adorning ourselves with glimmer and shine – shouldn’t it be something that can survive the scratch of the surface?

The Andean Collection, founded in 2009, aims to bring sustainable change to impoverished communities in South America by offering artisans the opportunity to participate in the global market. The result – beautiful jewellery pieces that have a story and provide a legacy equal to the beauty of the individual pieces. These Mesa and Toro rings start at $18.00 USD.

To see more of the Andean Collection story, watch this video by founder Amanda Judge:

Andean Collection from Campfire Creative on Vimeo.

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