Hand-made Thursdays – The Real Deal Brazil

By Kate | Men
Posted Dec 15, 2011

The Real Deal is a line of tarp hats and tarp bags handmade in a remote small town in rural Brazil from recycled canvas tarps. Every hat and bag is truly one of a kind as each piece is made from various colors of tarp and may have patches, seams, holes, or even Portuguese writing. The products are hand sewn by Brazilian villagers and reflect the true craftsmanship of the locals. This Belem Backpack has front zippered flap, front pockets and an inside tarp divider. Was: $99.99, now: $79.99 USD.

From frays to fading, jagged stitching to ragged holes, patches to ink marks, every one-of-a-kind characteristic of the recycled-tarp hat hints at the story of its prior life lived as a lonely truck tarp, and its rough journeys through the harsh elements of equatorial Brazil. Most likely the hat fabric has traveled from the Amazon out to São Paulo and back again so you  don’t have to take care of this hat; it takes care of you! Was: $45.00, now: $39.99 USD.

This Natal Purse is compact featuring button and zipper pockets, cellphone-size side pouches. Was: $69.99, now: $49.99 USD. Ships everywhere, but Europeans have a separate site.

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