Hand-made Thursdays – Trippen

By Kate | Women
Posted Jun 2, 2011

Trippen is the decades old shoe company from Germany, founded by  Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler, that is dedicated to using socially responsible production methods and materials in the creation of their sought-after shoes. Most are hand-made in Germany, and the rest are made in Italy by small collectives of artisans. Most styles come in a variety of colours and leather choices, ensuring that your Trippens feel customized just for you and your needs. From top left, in clockwise order:

  1. The Blitz, with its zigzag-shaped incisions, fashioned after lightning – hence the name, which means ‘flash’ in German. 147,00 €
  2. The Ajar features extra thick leather cord tied in »Bondage fashion« around the foot and the ankle, which is riveted to the inside in such a way as to make this style fully functional despite its unusual appearance. Only available in black, espresso, cloud/black and khaki/olive. 204,00 €
  3. The Thunder have narrow and wide straps interwoven in such a way as to recall a thundering echo – loud and intense nearby, soft and faint in the distance. 147,00 €
  4. The Samar are clad in leather at the sides and with two straps across the instep. 152,00 €

Trippen also makes mens and childrens shoes. Ships everywhere.

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