Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Cool Gift Ideas For Your Brother

Zero Waste Daniel Raglan Sweater VIRTU The Perfect Scarf MCMC Dude No. 1 Beard Oil Fairphone Hazang Bamboo Speaker Clean Eats book for health Freitag Victor Backpack

By Valerie Hutterer | Men
Posted Dec 7, 2016

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.” – Vietnamese Proverb

Maybe you grew up together in the same house and shared childhood adventures together  or maybe he’s the ‘brother from another mother’ who’s always there for you and is reliable and loving in all the ways a brother would/should be. However he gets the title, we have some great suggestions to match your brother’s ethical tastes:

For the Zero-Waste Fashionplate: This one of a kind shirt from Zero Waste Daniel (ZWD) is handmade in Brooklyn exclusively with high quality cutting room fabric scraps. This raglan sweatshirt supportings: a reduction in textile pollution, local artisans and crafters, made in America, fair labor practices and a sustainable fashion habit. From ZWD – $115 USD.

For the Snow Lover: VIRTŪ is committed to sustainable fashion in all aspects of the word; they pay workers a fair wage and refrain from using harmful chemicals and processes which harm the environment, workers and customers. Their Perfect Scarf is woven by hand in Sucre, Bolivia from 100% alpaca. From VIRTŪ – € 99.00.

For the Bearded One: This is decadence for the guy who doesn’t like to splurge on himself. MCMC Dude No. 1 Beard Oil is is 100% natural (aroma comes from 100% essential oils) and will make his hairiness smell fresh, spicy, and woody. From Credo Beauty – $65 USD.

For the Social Entrepreneur: If he’s going to be on his device 24/7, let it at least be a mobile phone with a transparent supply chain and one that is made with conflict-free minerals and recycled materials. Since 2013, Fairphone has been at the forefront of the movement for fairer electronics and are B Corp Certified. From Fairphone – € 529.38.

For the Audiophile: Hazang combines traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship with naturally sourced materials and high-quality components to create stylish, handmade, Bluetooth bamboo speakers. Plus behind each speaker, there is a local man, woman, and family whose lives are enriched by the purchase. From Hazang – €295.00.

For the Bookworm/Healthnut: This is an oldy but goody, Clean Eats: Over 200 Delicious Recipes to Reset Your Body’s Natural Balance and Discover What It Means to Be Truly Healthy is ideal for helping him eat cleaner, or give himself a new repertoire of clean recipes that are easy to throw together. From Amazon – $23.17 USD.

For the Urban Cyclist: The Victor backpack from Freitag has water-repelling roll-down flap system, a padded back, zippered quickaccess outside compartment plus a storage pocket or external strap for his U-lock. Freitag makes all of their sturdy bags from used truck tarpaulins, used car seat belts and bicycle inner tubes. From Freitag – $340 USD.

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