Honest by – taking ethical fashion to a new dimension

By Kamila | Women
Posted Jan 23, 2013

From the outside, Honest by is just another on-line designer boutique. But if you look at this concept “closer”, you find out that the website is proposing additional options. You can search items in categories such as:¬†Organic, Vegan, Skin Friendly, Recycled and European.

And the real depth of this concept comes at the moment you chose the item. All the information about the product is transparent. Information about every thread, button, every minute of work and kilometer of transport the garment has made as well as about the margin the designer, producer or textile mill made.

The website also gives information about carbon footprint to details about absorbing produced weight of CO2: “On average, one tree can absorb 3,268kg of CO2 a year. It will take one tree approximately 131 days to absorb and neutralize the amount of CO2 created to transport all the components, such as fabric and trimmings, this item contains.”

The concept was launched last year by Bruno Pieters – Belgium awarded fashion designer. After working for Hugo by Hugo Boss and other international labels owned by big groups, Bruno traveled in India and radically changed his approach to fashion industry. Being concerned about environment, animal welfare and children’s causes he had a vision about brand sourcing fine materials and producing collection in harmony with nature and respect to human rights.

Before launching Honest by, his team spent one year finding the best way to produce fashion ethically.¬†With design by Bruno Pieters you can also find design by other internationally-renowned designers who are contributing to the product range with their playful fashion solutions. New arrivals are coming through out the year, there aren’t seasons nor trends, all the pieces are limited edition and timeless.

The company is also a proud member of Sustainia. This international alliance creating sustainable growth is developed thanks to collaborations with biggest companies and initiatives of the world.

Honest by has only pluses. Exceptional leader, strong concept, timeless pieces, collaborations and most importantly this project has a soul. Shop Honest by online.

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