House of Maryanne Vintage – curated + hand-selected

By Kate | Women
Posted Dec 21, 2012

House of Maryanne (HoM),  garners quite a following in her native Australia; with over 7,000 fans on Facebook and regular appearances on fashion blogs and chictopia, fans of vintage hipster wear know where to look.

An edited collection of vintage clothing and accessories from both Australia and the world, HoM founder Maryanne Bridges has an eye for current trends and styles and restocks weekly. Inspired by  “folk and gypsy cultures,” according to the company’s website, the selection is fun, whimsical and on-trend.

Run entirely through Facebook, Maryanne releases sneak peeks at what the coming week’s treasures will be, while she is styling, curating and shooting the pieces. Then, faithfully, every few days a new batch of treasures are released for readers and fans to swoon, comment and mark as ‘sold’ for the items they want. Bridges is passionate and activly answers all facebook comment questions  and quieries promptly.

“The House of Maryanne girl loves a compliment.” Bridges told blogger Ashley Ordin. ”She loves to tell story behind a piece, pointing out the details and the luscious fabrics. The House of Maryanne girl loves to make an entrance – be it into a room full of strangers, a cocktail party on her own veranda or into the next room to show her boyfriend. And She knows that every time she makes an entrance, she will be smiling, confident and comfortable, in her own skin as well as her clothes.”

Fans of vintage hipster wear can fan HoM on facebook here.


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