How to Dress Like a Parisian – the Ethical Way

French "it" Girl, Caroline de Maigret. Instagram: @CarolinedeMaigret Ballet flats 'Cendrillon haute' by Repetto Trench coat 'Fabre beige' by Valentine Gauthier Turtle neck sweater 'Eddy Grey' by Margaux Lönnberg Sunglasses by Bois2

By Valerie Hutterer | Women
Posted Nov 6, 2016

Books, stories, blogs are written and movies are shot, about the style of the Parisian woman. There’s something about the idea of never have the pressure to look perfect but always pretend to be – that makes French style so alluring. When we think about la Parisienne, we think about effortless, indubitably stylish, uniform dressing.

Inspired by Caroline de Maigret, Anna Berest, Sophie Mas and Audrey Diwan and their book: How to be Parisian. Wherever you are, here are our ethical tips and finds in our ultimate guide to Parisian (ethical) style:

The Jeans: is probably the most important item  you will find in her wardrobe. La Parisienne wears her jeans at any occasion. French Appeal, Créateurs de belles fesses (Creators of nice butts), makes all their jeans in various ateliers all over France using high quality denim.

The Bag: “It is not your accessory, it’s your home.” Where la Parisienne carries everything around. It is important, that the bag is very beautiful on the outside, so nobody would think of the mess inside. Issi Ba makes beautiful handmade, high quality handbags, totes and clutches in Paris. Many Parisian women also prefer not to have a handbag and just but their phone, keys and wallet by Maison Baluchon, manufactured in the Champagne region, into their coat pocket.

The Ballet flats: Very French! Since Paris and the famous ballet go hand in hand, it is no surprise that the most famous brand for pointe shoes and ballet flats is actually French.
Repetto created an unique process of fabrication for her first ballet shoe in 1947, using the finest leather, that is still used to make the shoes today. They also have the foundation Danse pour la Vie that supports dance schools all over the world.

The white shirt: It is iconic and timeless. As is the French brand Petit Bateau. Famous for their basics and seasonal collections made in France, Morocco and Tunisia. Using high quality material. Today Petit Bateau is one of the first employers in the French textile industry.

The Trench coat: It will keep you effortlessly warm and dry, not as much as a winter jacket of course but … A great French label, working closely together with the garment workers in France, India and Spain is Valentine Gauthier. Creating collections made with natural and high quality material.

The big scarf: Just because la Parisienne doesn’t own a parka, she still gets cold sometimes. She might wear a scarf like this one here from the French brand Sencha & Bourbon. Their scarfs are naturally dyed with spices, tea and coffee.

The oversized sweater: Just an easy cosy sweater as soft as a teddy bear, la Parisienne wears the morning after a party. Parisian designer Margaux Lönnberg has beautiful collections with cosy sweaters. High quality standards are a priority for the designer, who’s collections are 100% Made in France.

The sunglasses: La Parisienne always has a reason to wear sunglasses: it rains, a hangover, tears running, a desire to look mysterious. Bois2 (bois carré) is a French that makes sunglasses. Innovative, the glasses of Bois2 are 100% renewable, 100% recyclable et 100% biodegradable.

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