Icebreaker Merino wool- not just for snow

By Kate | Men
Posted Apr 8, 2012

Coming from a cold climate (Canada), when I think of Merino wool, I always think ‘base layer’ for some snowy activity. New Zealand-based Icebreaker is getting me to rethink Merino wool (in more ways than one). In their current campaign, they are aiming to show the benefits of Merino wool as the perfect wicking item for hot weather. They even went so far as to shoot their current lookbook in Morocco. I like it – stylish and environmentally-friendly.

Merino wool’s versatility, combined with Icebreaker‘s new travel collection, offer summer backpackers, aid workers and anyone travelling through warmer locales, travel clothes that are designed to travel across seasons and continents. Blending style and performance, the lightweight tees, tops, skirts and pants pack light, regulate temperature, are highly breathable, fight odor and take less energy to produce than cotton. Magnifeco!

Icebreaker is devoted to animal welfare, the welfare of the people who work with them, and the environment. Recently, they participated in a biodegradability study (why textiles are still landing in landfills is a topic for another day). But supposing an Icebreaker Merino wool garment did  the results showed Merino fabrics lost around 36% of their mass after only two months burial in soil and up to 99% after nine months. Watch the science:

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