Japan Fashion Week – Araisara

By Kate | Women
Posted Oct 21, 2011

“Even in darkness the sun always exists.  Somewhere it rises and shines. Even after it sets, it continues to light the world through moonlight.” Sara Aria

Expressing rays of light was the theme for Araisara‘s dramatic SS12 runway show. The über-chic crowd was in a tizzy by the time the show staff pulled back the clear-wrap to reveal the sheen of the runway, the perfect landscape for the stunningly beautiful clothes that came down it. It was a colage of old and new, as designer Sara Arai uses traditional, natural kimono dyes and materials to create modern, wearable pieces. The details were small and couldn’t possibly belie the effort she made embracing tradition. This collection included old dying techniques Icchinzome (very rare dye) and Itajime shibori (ita = wood board).

Icchinzome is a dying technique from the Azuchi Momoyama Period where high quality flour is put on the material, and after it dries the natural cracks become the foundation of the design and is dyed on to the fabric. Itajime Shibori is a technique that was commonly used in the Edo Period; by sandwiching the fabric in a wooden board mold with the design, it brings out a patterned design. Magnifeco!

Photos: rompphotography.com

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