Japan Fashion Week – FurFur

By Kate | Women
Posted Oct 18, 2011

Japan Fashion Week has begun! The last shows (AW11) were canceled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11) and as such many designers, in their spring collections, are reconciling our relationship with nature; her force as well as her beauty. FurFur focused purely on the beauty; arranging their natural fibre clothing and stage presentation as one would arrange flowers.

Acknowledging the fragility and fleetingness of life, this presentation was created to capture a unique moment in time. Without any ideal vision of its completion, there was no coordinating or fitting beforehand and thus this collection was based on each creator coming together and improvising. The designer, stylist, make up artist, hair stylist, corsage artist, photographer, illustrator all prepared on their own, respectively, and used that to create and pursue the enchantment of the improvised show in the few hours provided. Creating a moment in time, and allowing us a brief window to witness beauty, in all of her splendour.

FurFur can be bought online at ZozoTown.com, who ship almost everywhere.

Photos: rompphotography.com

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