Japan Fashion Week – Yuma Koshino

By Staff | Women
Posted Oct 19, 2011

The Koshino family are like royalty in Japanese fashion. Yuma Kohino is one of three (fashion designing) daughters of Hiroko Koshino. Hiroko Koshino was one of the first Japanese designers to show in Paris in the early 80′s. Also the eldest of three daughters, Hiroko’s grandfather was a dealer in kimono fabrics, her father a tailor, and her mother ran a western clothes store. So much design in one historical family, its not surprising they are currently the subject of a docu-drama on Japanese national broadcast network, NHK. Although Monday night’s runway show wasn’t about legacy, it was definitely about history. Titled “Blooming Air”, Yuma Koshino‘s inspiration sprung from the events of this past spring, remarking on the amazing power of nature and although we are overcome by her energy, we can also accept it.

There were many events that happened during the days after March 11, but one of the events that didn’t get much press was the effect the tsunami had on rice growers in the region. Thousands of acres of rice paddies were not only destroyed, but left with high concentration of saline. More than 58,000 acres of farmland suffered nearly $4 billion in damages in the region. Rice doesn’t thrive well in soil with a high salt-level, but cotton does. The Tohoku Cotton Project, has brought together farmers, manufacturers, and designers like Yuma Koshino, to revive hope and jobs in the region. Affected rice farmers were given cotton seeds, with the pledge that when the cotton is harvested, it will be purchased by participating companies, who will use it to create products such as towels and shawls. Japan Airlines (JAL), Lee Jeans, and  a national department store chain are participating. Look for Tohoku Cotton Project brand products in stores, and for sale on JAL flights, by spring 2012, the first anniversary of the tsunami.

Photos: sewmanstore.com

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