Japan Researchers Invent Solar-Cell Fabric

By Staff | News
Posted Dec 13, 2012

Japanese researchers have come up with an innovative idea of generating energy with the newly developed solar-cell fabric, which would eventually let wearers harvest energy on the go.

The new fabric is made of wafer-thin solar cells woven together that could see people powering up their mobile phones and other electronics with their sweater or trousers.

“We still have things to solve before commercialization, such as coating for the conductive wires and improving the fabric’s durability.”But we’ve already been contacted by electronics makers, blind makers and others who showed interested in our invention.” said an official at the Industrial Technology Centre.

The Industrial Technology Centre developed the fabric with a Kyoto-based solar cell maker and other private firms, according to the reports.

The potential use of this technology would be to keep warm in winter, thermotherapy, charge cell phones and tablets upon further development.
via Japan Researchers Invent Solar-Cell Fabric – World Industrial Reporter : World Industrial Reporter.

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