Jing Ai – pure love of beauty

By Kate | Beauty
Posted Feb 15, 2012

As a child, Donna Cristino loved beauty and style – and makeup. Then, as an adult, she started having concerns about the chemicals and compounds in makeup. When her grandmother died from breast cancer, Donna became motivated to look for safe, organic cosmetics that also felt luxurious and glamorous. Not satisfied with what was available in the marketplace, Donna started working with a chemist and developed her own. Jing Ai, which means Pure Love, is a makeup brand that is organic and free of harmful chemicals, metals and other toxic ingredients. Plus, Jing Ai is cruelty-free and endorsed by leapingbunny.org.

Jing Ai‘s “Eye Appeal” collection that includes a Masquerade concealer in your choice of Vanilla Cream or Indian Princess, the Picasso automatic eye pencil in Silent Night that defines eyes and glides on effortlessly.  The Eyepaint Mascara has a unique paintbrush wand in Black Ice to build thick, healthy, long flirty lashes.  $64.00 for the set. All Jing Ai products are made with their proprietary blend of certified organic Wild Roses from Brazil and Champagne Grapes from the Napa Valley. And, the line is packaged in tubes, compacts and boxes that are recyclable or biodegradable or both. Magnifeco! Plus – sign up and receive 25% off your first order (your coupon code is emailed to you). Ships everywhere.

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