Josh Jakus – gives us light

Stola Lamp from Josh Jakus

By Kate | Living
Posted Jul 23, 2012

Another design coup for Actual – the independent design company working at the intersection of product and sculpture

The Stola lamp is a flexible, nuanced light sculpture with a shade made from 100% recycled PET felt. Four internal support ring sizes are included so you can change the lamp’s shape and light quality to suit your space. $150 USD.

  • Available in both table and pendant styles.
  • Made in California.
  • Shade is 100% recycled PET from plastic bottles.
  • Comes complete with socket and cord, 4 support rings, and a CFL bulb.
  • Design: Josh Jakus 2012.

Read more about the Berkeley, California–based designer dedicated to making experiential connections between form and function; Josh Jakus and his gorgeous eco-friendly felt handbags, from our post in 2009.

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