Kali Clothing – versatile and sustianable

By Kate | Women
Posted Nov 16, 2010

Kali Clothing has been creating unique designs for women and men using sustainable fabrics since 2006. Kali creates meaningful fashion that combines style and ethics motivated by social responsibility. The 2010 collection is produced using Lyocell (Tencel®) – a natural fiber made from wood pulp cellulose from the eucalyptus tree that is processed in a non-toxic organic solvent solution that’s reclaimed and recycled in a closed-loop spinning process that conserves energy and water – up to 99% of the solvent is recovered and reused. This process uses just 1% of the total amount of water required to manufacture conventional cotton. This Devi Hoodie comes in Black, Olive, Dark Blue (shown) and Asphalt. $70 USD.

This Scoop Neck Tunic Dress is also available in Black, Olive, Dark Blue and Asphalt. $70 USD. Kali hopes to shed light on the possibilities of sustainable living while promoting creativity and preserving a positive future. All pieces are designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada and ships everywhere.

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