KOKKU – hand-crafted filigree jewellery

By Kate | Women
Posted Feb 28, 2012

The tradition of jewellery on the island of Sardinia is over 4000 years old; remains of ornaments and pre-historical jewels from the Stone Age have been found in different parts of Sardinia. Andrea Usai and his wife Ansula, through their new venture KOKKU, aim to preserve the dying art of Sardinian hand-crafted filigree jewellery, famous for its level of precision, intricacy and beauty. KOKKU strives to “preserve by promoting” undiscovered master artisans and support traditional craftsmanship by sourcing the gold and silver filigree rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charms directly from independent artisans in Sardinia and marketing them to the world. This simple charm bracelet can be pieced together, the bracelet itself is £33, and charms start at £33, or purchased as shown, £478.

This traditional Sardinian filigree pendant, £691 and matching gold ring, £1042 are  inspired by the every day use of special handcrafted baskets; the simple spiral design shows elegance and simplicity for everyday wear. Ships everywhere.

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