LADAK ponchos – made by hand + made to last

Image: Corinne de Korver Image: Corinne de Korver

By Kate | Women
Posted Sep 18, 2012

The popular LADAK blankets made of recycled sweaters, blankets, jeans and parts of mattresses (we first featured in 2010) are now wearable. The interior design brand is launching 3 types of poncho to satisfy the demand for warmth and comfort. As LADAK’s Creative Director Jane Stroink explains: “In New York, I saw guests putting LADAK blankets around themselves while sitting outside at a terrace– and not wanting to take them off when they got up and left! It made me smile, and also gave me the idea of extending the LADAK range to include wearable blankets. That’s why we’ve developed ponchos you can wear to cycle through town, stroll along the beach or just curl up nice and warm on the sofa.”

LADAK ponchos look good and feel good. Jane explains: ”The idea behind them is that 15% of the profit from each poncho sold goes to a centre for homeless people. If you’re warm, they’re warm too.” LADAK ponchos are designed in Amsterdam by Tarzan Projekten, an interior design bureau that has used LADAK blankets for years to great effect in city offices and private homes. Once designed, the ponchos are manufactured by people working in sheltered workshops. Each is made out of pack blankets from India that have been created from recycled material containing reprocessed old sweaters, blankets or jeans.  Colourful ribbons and embroidered tapes are then stitched in place to add an individual finishing touch. -Prices start at €169,00


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