LADAK – warmth in style

By Kate | Living
Posted Aug 23, 2010

Dutch designer Jane Stroink is socially engaged. She has created her company, LADAK, to make blankets for indoors and outdoors. LADAK blankets are extraordinary pieces of skilled handicraft. The starting point is a moving blanket, which basic material consists of recycled sweaters, blankets, jeans and parts of mattresses. These moving blankets have been lavishly decorated with ribbons and rich fabrics. Warmth, comfort and protection in style: on the couch, at the beach, on a patio, at a picnic or in a boat.

Each blanket is unique, size: +/- 78 inches by 54,6 inches. Can be machine washed at 30˚C (86˚F). € 189,00 plus 15% of LADAK‘s profits will be donated to an Amsterdam shelter for the homeless. Share the warmth! Ships everywhere!

Boutique of the Week will return next week.

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