Lalesso – summer’s here

By Kate | Women
Posted May 2, 2011

One of the telltale signs that summer is coming is when African fairtrade label, Lalesso opens their online shop. An exclusively summer, ethical clothing brand, Lalesso creates  pieces with vibrant printed fabrics that wrap you in African sunshine! This Maradufu, double layered dress with a low V neck line and elasticized waist, creates a loose top, while the skirt is open to allow for a fly away wing effect. The tie at the waist is finished with a brass hoop embellishment detail. From £ 85.00

Nyota in Swahilli means star and the star inspired muslin cotton insert across the chest of this dress makes for a unique detail. From £ 70.00. Ships everywhere. If you live in the south you’ll have to buy for next season now because by July, Lalesso is usually getting low in stock, and by the time your summer arrives, the shop is sold out and ‘boarded up’ till next year.

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