Mabo Clothing – beautifully made, comfortable + wearable

By Kate | Kids
Posted Jan 5, 2013

When Emily McMaster had her first daughter Ruby, she fell in love with dressing her and began making clothes for her. She quickly realized there was a market for comfortable, quality clothing with classic lines in contemporary playful designs. Mabo Clothing was born!

All of the Mabo Clothing designs are made in the US by a group of women who own a small manufacturing company up in Washington. Recently Mabo has partnered with an organization called Global Artisans in Salt Lake City (McMaster’s hometown). They train refugees to be artisans – weavers, knitters, seamstresses – and sell their goods to give them self-sufficiency and some extra income.

The mabo collection includes items such as organic cotton tees with woodland creature graphics by artist leah quinaz ($28 USD), to smocked dresses ($48 USD) and drawstring corduroy pant ($50USD).

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