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MADE BY... CHRISTOBAL, Drapey sweater (now on sale $144 USD) MADE BY... MATIASA - Cable sweater (now on sale- $184 USD)

By Kate | Women
Posted May 23, 2012

MADE BY… is a sweater/knits collection that is made by the local highland Artisans of Peru and dedicated to fair trade. Founder Semera Faroog studied at F.I.T. and worked for mass market brands, including a stint as sweater designer for Free People, before launching MADE BY… in Fall/Winter 2009. During the launch, while living with Artisans on the Andean highland mountains,  Faroog saw a few factories bring over production work to the artisans.

“The amount of time each sweater took (about 3 – 5 days) the factories would only pay them a quarter of what was fair!” Faroog says. “Many women would not want to complain because they said if they complained the factories would go to another group of knitters and then they would be jobless.”

The MADE BY… mission is to be a clothing line that practices respect and transparency; to the planet and to the Artisans who make the clothes. And to raise the standard of living for those talented individuals.

“We pay them 25% more normal/regular wage. And what we get in return is ethical product with great quality, trustworthy and honest team of dedicated knitters.” states Faroog.

The collection includes eco-friendly Alpaca yarns that have been used by the Artisans for ages. Pieces are made in the Alpaca’s natural colors as well as Alpaca that is dyed with organic colorants found in minerals and plants. Each sweater is knitted by a talented Artisan and MADE BY… wants to bring you closer to that Artisan who knit your sweater.  Each Artisan stamps their names on the label, and each hang tags has information about the Artisans. Each sweater comes in 100% organic cotton muslin bag. Ships everywhere.

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