Maiyet’s hand painted garments come to life

The Process: Painters in India wet their brushes... The Process: Artisan brush strokes bring a watercolor effect to each garment On The Runway: Hand Painted Wide Cuff Pleated V-Neck Top from the Resort '13 collection The Inspiration: The pattern and texture of vibrant red bushes The Process: The pattern is painted stroke-by-stoke onto each garment, making no two pieces alike. The Process: The final touches of red are then hand sewn on to the painted garment. On The Runway: Hand Painted Dress from the Resort '13 collection

By Staff | Women
Posted Jan 12, 2013

Maiyet, named for the Egyptian goddess of truth and harmony, is the latest ethical luxury brand, billing themselves as ‘pioneering a new luxury by celebrating the rare and unexpected.’ Launched during Paris Fashion Week in October of last year by Paul van Zyl, a former human rights lawyer from South Africa, and Kirsty Caylor, co-founder and now president of Maiyet the brand offers a broad range of items from clothing, to shoes and handbags and jewelry, limited in run and with luxury price points to match.

When speaking to the New York Times, van Zyl said “we don’t source products; we source skills which we then leverage into products.” It’s a novel approach to luxury brand marketing, where the story is meant to be inherent in the brand. But Maiyet is taking pride in demonstrating the skills and talents of the artisans through their latest release of a series of photographs on the making of  select piece of the 2013 Resort Collection.

The images are part of a series of 24 taken from the Maiyet Pinterest board Hand Painted In India that highlight the scope and mastery behind the collection. Through the series, Maiyet gives us a glimpse of their master artisans from Northern India and their delicate hand-painting methods.

“We’re helping them, not patronizing them,” van Zyl said of the workers, noting that “people buy because the product is gorgeous, compelling and beautiful. It represents a new and interesting aesthetic and we are pioneering a new way of doing luxury” (via New York Times)

The brand is available online.

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