Malu Organic: ethically hip organic kids clothing

By Staff | Kids
Posted Mar 16, 2016

Malu Organic, based in sunny Malibu, creates beautiful, high quality, sustainably produced kids’ clothes that will make you wish you were a kid again. Designer Mali Allmandinger had made women’s wear for years (featured in magazines, blogs and WWD) but stopped when she started to feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing that was on the market. After leaving New York, traveling with her husband, having a baby, and settling in California, Mali began to make again. It began with harem pants and a long sleeve dress with a printed placket bib made for the couple’s daughter’s first birthday.  The items got a great response (the harem pants continue to be among their best selling item) and the business was born.

Organic isn’t just part of the brand name, it’s one of the brand’s core values. Shares Mali,

We make organic baby clothes because organic makes a big difference. Conventionally grown cotton requires more toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers than any other single crop. Organically grown cotton eliminates all of that toxic material, making it much better for the environment, for the workers who produce and process it, and for the skin on which it finally rests. It also promotes biodiversity and naturally healthy soil.

Continues husband Kalen (who oversees the wholesale and retail side of the business)

In the future, we would love to work closely and form partnerships with organic cotton producers in the US to foster and encourage growth of organic farming practices in our local and domestic communities. We also continue to use new materials in our designs, like hemp and organic wool.

The clothes are simple, beautiful, functional, and unisex (currently up to size 8). Besides variations of the signature Harem Pants (straight or curved lines, with or without pockets), easy T’s and Hoodies,  there are new dresses with every collection. Everything is designed with an underlying ‘desert meets ocean’ vibe.

Malu Organic ships globally and offer free shipping in the US. You can find the clothes in their Malibu boutique (Malibu Village, 23359 Pacific Coast Highway), on their website and at select boutiques across America.

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