Marie Veronique Skin Care: A Review

By Kate | Beauty
Posted Aug 1, 2016

I first tried Marie Veronique (MV) back in 2010. I was approached by the company to try their new line of skincare developed by Marie (a former chemistry teacher) and her physicist daughter. Then, as now, Marie Veronique pushed me out of my skin care comfort zone and towards a healthier, cleaner regimen. Before I tried MV – my life was simple: soap, water and a moisturizer. That’s it. I wasn’t even too picky about the soap.

But MV pushed me beyond my simple routine with a cleanser, a face spray, a face oil (what?!) and then a concealer/SPF. May not seem too radical to some: I went from three steps to four, but the face oil took me a long time to get used to. I was used to a filmy, slimy residue from moisturizer and after applying all my MV my skin was dry and matte. Not oily (surprisingly).

Back in 2010 the MV team sent me a ‘travel kit’ and before it was finished (it took about 6 months) I was hooked. Like – wish I had the money to buy the company, hooked! In my life before MV, I would always have a monthly break-out (right around the time my hormones were surging), but once I started using MV those days were gone. Forever.

Fast forward to today, six years later. MV has been through some changes and has evolved and has, once again, pushed me out of my comfort zone. Dedicated to helping users with problem skin (rosacea, acne, etc.) and revolutionizing skin care to bring us back to a healthy state of microbiomes, the new MV routine includes an oil cleanser, a probiotic face spray and a dry oil plus the concealer/SPF.

It’s my first time with an oil cleanser and I have to say, it’s an acquired taste. When I wrote to the company to ask… why oil, they replied

“Oils dissolve oils and they penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, making oils perfect to declog pores, where the congestion begins.  Most cleansers just take off surface grime and strip the skin of lubricating oils.  Oils are the best way to both clean and protect the skin.”

It’s now been a over a month and it’s a little like putting the conditioner on before the shampoo (from the Magnifeco book) but it works, and the oil cleanser requires less face spray and less dry oil and less of the Everyday Coverage (with SPF).

I truly love MV and the way my skin has aged over the last six years. I use the Daily Essentials kit and recommend trying this travel kit - both because it is the perfect size for traveling, but also because it helps correct bad habits about how much product I use and gets me to adjust my usage back to a ‘pea size’. The travel kit lasts about 5-6 months.

Explore more about Marie Veronique here or if you live in NY or SF, swing by Credo to check it out in person.

disclaimer: product was provided free of charge, words and opinions writer’s own

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