Material Matter: 3D Printing, the trend in sustainable fashion

Presented by Queen of Raw
Posted Jan 31, 2016

Near zero waste?  Check.  Energy efficient process?  Check.  Sustainable raw materials?  Check.  Reduced costs and resources?  Check.  All while achieving better design outcomes through prototyping?  Check.  If this sounds good, then 3D printing is for you.
Near Zero Waste & Energy Efficiency
By its very nature 3D printing is a sustainable technology.  Products are produced efficiently, one layer at a time, using only the necessary amount of material required for each part.  In fact up to 98% of the material is used in finished parts.
Sustainable Raw Materials
Although the original materials used in the 3D printing process were plastics and nylons, new materials, at a fraction of the cost, are up to 100% recyclable.
Reduced Costs and Resources
Using 3D printers to build prototypes can also reduce waste.  By catching design errors and making changes early and often in the process, prototypes reduce the waste streams caused by those errors and modifications.
Going Local
3D printing on-demand also has changed the meaning of “going local.”  With consumers printing at home, emissions from transporting finished products could fall.  Home printing is also energy efficient–3D printers draw about as much power as a laptop computer.
3D Printing x Fashion
When it comes to sourcing, fashion designers traditionally suffer from long lead times, huge minimum orders, and shipping costs that far exceed the value of the raw materials.  3D printing features short lead times, local production, and low minimums.  For the first time, designers can engage in rapid prototyping, quick sample making, small lot production, and reduced time-to-market.
With 3D printing, a designer is no longer limited to what is in stock–only by what they can image.  They can reduce their carbon footprint while pushing innovation in fashion and design forward!
Check out a video of 3D printing in action HERE.
See the Heisel x Queen of Raw 3D printing collection HERE.  Just choose, customize, and print!
You can also design and print your own custom 3D printed objects HERE.


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