Material Matter: The Bacx™ Collection

By Brittany DiBenedetto | Material Matter
Posted Jan 3, 2017

Many fascinating, innovative materials have come from Italy, so it’s no surprise that this collection of fabrics does too. The Bacx™ collection offers a new generation of silks, 100% transparent and generated from waste.

Centro Seta, a Florence based company known for focusing on innovation and renewed sensitivity, has created a brand new fabric collection, Bacx ™. The collection features a range of Italian made silk fabrics that combine sustainability with high quality dimensions, technical performance standards, and strong creative content. The Florentine company offers Bacx™ as the first and only collection of refined and contemporary new generation silks characterized by innovative styles and compositions born of sustainable research, processes, and solutions.

The collection is composed of three elements. The first part is GOTS certified and is comprised of fabrics that offer complete transparency of traceability. This includes all steps in the manufacturing process, from raw material selection to finished product including dyeing. The result is a range of refined, unique and fully sustainable silk fabrics, produced using special, exclusive dyestuffs that ensure good wash fastness properties.

The second element of this collection includes the use of special fabrics produced using a new yarn made from silk waste, labelled GreenFiber™, which gives an unprecedented full, natural hand and precious aesthetics that we can find in traditional silk. The third part of the collection integrates the qualities and elegance of traditional silk with the easy-care and versatile properties of the new generation yarn Newlife™. This yarn is 100% derived from post -consumer bottles collected, processed and transformed first into a polymer, then into a yarn through a highly innovative and mechanical, not chemical, process.

“The transparent traceability of Bacx™ begins at the source – the raw materials – and crosses the production processes all the way to the finished product. Everything is Made in Italy with the character, appeal and style that distinguishes Italian culture and Centro Seta’s quest for beauty with style.”  – Roberto Bacci, Centro Seta

This easy-care and informal range of fabrics is able to meet the needs of the contemporary, conscious consumers. The Bacx™ collection is defined by its creation of multiple fabrics, high quality standards, 100% traceability, and its’ eco-innovative characteristics. Due to this collection, Centro Seta has achieved certifications from GOTS, the Textile Exchange, as well as OEKO-TEX. Erdem, a London based clothing brand by designer Erdem Moralioglu, created a twelve-piece collection using Bacx™ fabrics that was presented during The Green Carpet Challenge® (GCC) in occasion of London Fashion Week.


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