MATTER: Social Business, Community, Storytelling and Artisanship

By Staff | Women
Posted Jun 15, 2016

“I believe that when people care about why and where something is made, and by whom, they will make better choices for all” Renyung Ho, founder MATTER.

A simple statement by Renyung (Ren) Ho on why she started her brand MATTER Prints. Heralded as a ‘modern-day eco warrior” by Singapore’s Female magazine, Ren launched  the apparel brand in March of 2014 and collaborates with textile artisans and designers to create comfortable, versatile travel wear ‘with stories to tell’. Their signature sideswiped dhoti immediately garnered fans from east to west. The comfortable yet versatile style set them ahead of fast fashion trends, and the medium weight cotton (hand tied and dyed with azo-free dyes) made them ideal for day and night.

Starting with, and perfecting pants was a conscious decision. States Ren,

“The pants only production model, was in part because we wanted to focus on innovating within the fabric and therefore relying on a production model that was simple, scalable and repetitive.”

MATTER sits between social business, community, storytelling and artisanship. Putting storytelling back into fashion, MATTER partners with artisan groups across India. In Sassy Singapore, Ren shares.

My work has always been about using business as a vehicle for social good, and right now cultural heritage and practices are my focus in my work with MATTER. Basically, we endeavour to put stories back into clothing. I source out textile artisans who have amazing stories and expertise to share, and work to create travel wear that expresses that in a relevant and viable way.

Now that pants are perfected (and loved), tops, jumpsuits and accessories, as well as men’s  bottoms, are on offer. Available at select shops in Singapore (Kapok) and online.


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